o Mi Harem Se a civil servant pulled up to a filling station and started coming on to a woman tanking up. He kept pestering her for her phone number and wouldn’t take no for an answer. So, thinking quickly, she gave him her hubby’s number instead of her own, then called him up and told him, ‘If you get a call asking for me, it’s some jerk who was trying to pick me up.’ Lukaot G trak bae i accident! Silip!

o Mi Harem Se a couple of shiny new ministerial vehicles were seen tootling around town this week. Surely the cost was budgeted and the purchase order for these new SUVs was made before Parliament was dissolved, because impulse-buying new cars when we can barely afford to keep basic services running might seem a bit cheeky. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se photos have been circulating on Facebook of S&J’s wedding. The photographer called them ‘the most beautiful couple in Port Vila.’ That’s the absolute truth. More than one observer was about six shades of green seeing the joy and happiness in the newlyweds’ faces. The wedding, which took place at a popular spot down on Fatumaru Bay, was the kind of event everybody dreams about. Congratulations, James and Sarafina. Now stop being so damn cute, you crazy kids! Silip!

o Mi Harem Se somebody piped up on Facebook, asking if the police had conducted any raids on weed plantations recently, and if so, where they put the dope once they’d ripped it out of the ground. They claimed that they were just checking to see if it was being disposed properly, but dollars to doughnuts they’re just trying to find a good spot downwind when it gets burnt! Silip!

o This week in Facebook lunacy saw people posting fake videos claiming to show a Chinese noodle store stewing and serving up dead babies, and somebody else just discovered chemtrails, the wackiest of the wacky conspiracy theories on the internet. Really, people, how could anyone make their brain believe this kind of thing? Maybe they were downwind of the last confiscated dope burn-off. Silip!

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