o Mi Harem Se there’s only one real journalist in the entire country. Who knew? We don’t know how the One True Journalist checked that ‘fact’, because this newsroom has three apparently-fake-journalists who have been reporting the news in Vanuatu since before independence, another two with over a decade of experience, and a bunch of others who are more professional on their worst day than the plagiarist-in-chief, master confabulator and One True Journalist has ever been in his professional life. My Word, he’s truly a legend in his own mind! Silip!

o Mi Harem Se there’s finally a bit of good news on the wharf front. Everyone agrees that the Wharf Traffic Management Plan is a good one, and that it’s going to help things run smoothly. And not a moment too soon, either. Apparently things were a bit touch-and-go when the last cruise ship came, and the VMF were late arriving. It’s good to know we’re past all the backbiting and petty sniping. For once we can start making some progress on the issue. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se people are fed up with all the noxious babble on YTS and are searching for something new. The problem isn’t YTS, though. The problem is the people who run it. When people act responsibly, good things happen. When they run around defaming others and inciting animosity and tension, then… well, we’ve all seen where that leads. People don’t need to control social media; people need to control themselves. The good news is that pretty soon there will be a new place to read and discuss the news online. Stay tuned for an imminent announcement, then silip!

o Mi Harem Se technology really sucks sometimes. Two DP staff saw a supposed-to-be-imprisoned Moana Carcasses swanning his way through a local hardware store, and just as one of them tried to get a photo, the ricka-frickin’ battery died on the camera. Poisson d’Avril? Nope, it’s solid, no-doubt, triple eyewitness true: Moana Carcasses was seen in all his glory, wandering down the aisles at a local store. So how many Elvis sightings is that equal to? Silip!

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