Mi Harem Se there are reports circulating about more attacks (yes, plural, with an ‘s’) on visitors just in the last couple of days.

We can’t keep sweeping this under the carpet. It’s a tough topic, but we have to talk about it. Otherwise it’s never going to stop. Expect more on this in the coming days. Silip.

o Mi Harem Se an ex-US Navy ship is for sale in the harbour. By the looks of it, it would suit dive tours or maybe serve as a museum. It’s been in three wars now, but its last battle to find someone to keep her afloat. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se Santo international airport extensions are going ahead full speed no brake. One expat is rumoured to have done well yet again, and small negotiations remain with 2 land owners and they are ready to move, looks like Santo leads the way again. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se there is some confusion over squatters rights. If you don’t own it and you don’t rent it and the court orders it so, then you shouldn’t be there!! Silip!

o Mi Harem Se there’s still a court order for an Environmental Impact Assessment for the fish factory in Blacksands. Does everyone still think they can turn a blind eye? Surely if there is a court order in place even a fresh new government must respect it!! Silip!

o Me Harem Se that the PVMC are really stepping up their cleanliness program and are ensuring that the place is clean. Be nice if we the citizens take a leaf out of their book and help them by not putting our rubbish there in the first place!! Silip!

o PVMC announced under the Roads Traffic control act 29, section 54B they could fine drivers. What they forgot to add was they could only do it with a member of the police force and the police collect the revenue, not the PVMC! Silip!

o Me Harem Se that a much-troubled resort on Santo is scheduled to have its new proud owners announced sometime this coming week.

It goes without saying that that we wish them all the best. Silip!

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