o Mi Harem Se there’s a new Facebook Group in Papua New Guinea called ‘Caught in the Act’. It already contains over a dozen videos of people caught doing nasty things to others. This includes everything from public displays of affection that go over the top (or under the bottom!) to daylight robberies to police brutality. Heaven help us if someone opens up a group like that for Vanuatu. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the number of people who believe anything because they Read It On The Internet is getting a little out of hand. Normally very smart people are tossing around bogus stories about aliens and repeating blatant propaganda pieces as if they were scripture. Rule of thumb: If it sounds to good to be true, it probably is. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the government raised some eyebrows by being a little coy about its latest ministerial appointments. After Opposition figures started asking questions, they confirmed that the MPs were appointed to their positions on the 24th, before the President had dissolved Parliament. Good thing, too, because after President Lonsdale did the deed, they were no longer MPs, and almost certainly not eligible for appointment. But the two MPs—ministers, sorry—only got sworn in days later. Funny part is, the Acting Speaker was meeting with Opposition MPs right at the moment the President announced the dissolution. So was he the Speaker at the time or not? That’s one for the kava oracles.... Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the correctional centre got a new paint job thanks to the manual labour of one of the convicted MPs. Good to know he’s trying to stay positive and active. Hope this is taken into consideration at his first parole hearing. We would have taken a photo, but he’s not allowed to have his picture taken. Anyway, good on him for the work! Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the Leadership Code charges are back on the table, which could mean that some people may be disqualified from holding public office for ten years. Will that mean a change in the political landscape, or will those affected just hand the baton from father to son? Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the Daily Post Media Director found himself at the mercy of 20 excited and eager middle school students on a field trip to the newspaper offices. He tried his best to make sense of the insane world of journalism, and got way more questions than his own reporters normally ask! At the end of it, a little girl looked up at him earnestly and said, ‘You did very well. Thank you.’ That little one had more class than a lot of people who pass through these doors. Thank you too; you made his day! Silip!

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