o Mi Harem Se the announcement that MNJ was retiring came as a surprise to many of his friends and staff. He has been spending less and less time in the office lately, so everybody assumed that he had retired years ago. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se MNJ is busily building a jungle-themed restaurant and resort at the Secret Gardens to keep himself busy after retiring from the Daily Post. The jungle theme will sit well with the swamp like green water in his swimming pool. The restaurant will look amazing though when it is finished with a 9.5m high natangura roof and I am sure that the pool will be cleaned by then. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se MNJ’s blood sugar problems were caused from overindulging in chocolate finger biscuits back in the ‘80s. He still loves the occasional chocolate finger but has to restrict himself these days. At least he has managed to keep his haircut from the ‘80s for all of these years and his mullet is world famous in Vanuatu. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se MNJ almost scared one of his friends to death a few years back. The friend had called in to see MNJ and his wife swung open the bedroom door like it was a big prize reveal on the price is right. There was MNJ in his jocks (may have been a thong, yeah...a thong) standing on one of those vibrating machines with the strap around his arse shaking and jiggling from head to toe. Difficult to unsee. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se even though the nakamal crew love to give MNJ a bit of good ribbing, they all love him and value his friendship and he gives it all back just as hard if not more so. And anyway, according to MNJ, if the dobber only includes a person’s initials in Mi Harem Se then there is no chance that anyone will know who it is. So don’t worry MNJ, no-one is ever going to figure out that these dobs are all about you. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se it’s well known amongst the nakamal crew that if you mention a new restaurant to MNJ, you will inevitably find him there later on that night getting some takeaway. For the last 8 years he has been driving around Sea Side looking for the Solo restaurant that the nakamal crew keep raving about. Sorry MNJ, the Solo restaurant doesn’t exist. It was a running prank that just kept going and going and going. By the way, Solo in Chinese means a rather bad word. Silip!

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