o Mi Harem Se someone called up a guy, asking to buy his four-wheeler. This kind of mystified him, as his four-wheeler had been stolen two years before. ‘No, seriously,’ the caller said, ‘I’m looking at it right now.’ Just goes to show that stealing anything of value in a town as small as this is guaranteed to come back on you some day. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se would-be Casanovas should think twice before hitting on the partners of media professionals, especially when they’re in public eye themselves. You really don’t want to see your name coming out in this space, do you, Romeo? I didn’t think so. Silip!

o Mi Harem Se the Panama Papers caused a few unscheduled changes of underwear locally, ever since ABC’s Four Corners named and shamed some prominent ex-Vanuatu residents. Interest in our little island nation is high among the investigative community, and things are only going to get curiouser and curiouser in the days to come. Silip!

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