o Mi harem se a pilot obviously wants to be an astronaut as he was caught doing a dangerous shuttle re entry in a popular bar toilet with a married woman who he was trying to send into orbit. Lucky the husband wasn’t around as the pilot would likely be on another planet by now. Mi harem se they were found after the toilet seat was pulverized. Silip!

o Mi harem se government have deftly manoeuvred to defeat a looming motion of no confidence to install Sato Kilman as PM. Any excuse was used to adjourn parliament. The numbers with Sato’s group made it 26 in each camp but 3 backbenchers have crossed the floor and Kilman replaced as Minister of Foreign Affairs by ex journalist Kalvao Moli giving govt a smaller majority. We hope Taiwan isn’t the first place he visits. Silip!

o Mi harem se an expat was woken up in bed at 4am by his Ni Van wife asking him to come downstairs to help their pet dog who was in trouble. ‘What do you mean ‘in trouble’ he asked irritated saying ‘it’s 4am’. He trudged downstairs to find the dog had somehow forced his head through the hole in a brick besa block and he was stuck fast. Worst still it was the dogs worst nightmare as a large mongrol dog from nearby had heard their pet’s plaintive wailing and had investigated what was happening. When he found the female dog with its head through a brick and weighed down on the ground with its bum in the air it had taken full advantage of the situation and was trying to make puppies. The dog was rescued and oil and grease used to prise its head out of the cement block. Silip!

o Mi harem se a merry go round is starting to happen in the banking industry with BSP reportedly starting to recruit talent and management moving from one bank to another jockeying for position with no set date for when Bank of South Pacific will start. Silip!

o Mi harem se the Devils Point Rd repairs will be along the old beach road moving the public road back another 10 -15 metres along a 200 metre stretch. A few trees would have to be cut. The original option of developing the old inland route was deemed far too expensive, drainage problems and some landowners objecting. The sand will continue to erode the road away unless a coral backdrop is put inbeside the road on the beach side. The even bigger need is to put a complete and utter damn stop on taking sand from the beach but nothing is ever done about this. Silip!

o Mi harem se business and property owners in the Champagne Estate area are not too happy to see a billboard announcing the setting up of a concrete batching factory on the main road — just below the Prime Minister’s official residence! Mi harem se that with so much negative publicity in the media over the last few years about the company’s existing concrete batching operation in the middle of a residential area, commercial neighbours in Champagne are shaking their heads, and asking themselves how an industrial operation that produces fine cement dust and mechanical noise, to be located in a commercial, not industrial zone, could receive the stamp of approval from the Municipality and Minister of Lands. Silip!

o Mi harem se despite a strict condition on the quarrying permit not to excavate on cruise ship days, mi harem se the excavation works opposite the main wharf continue whether there is a cruise ship in town or not, giving the tourists a noisy, even dustier, welcome to Port Vila! — hem nao respect mo enforcement blong ol environment mo development permissions blong yumi! Silip!

o Mi harem se the word from the nakamals is that landowners and chiefs are becoming increasingly frustrated and angry about how the new Custom Land Management Act works (or doesn’t work!) in practice, complaining that it is now a very expensive and lengthy process to obtain a new negotiator certificate and lease title. Mi harem se most investors and developers can’t be bothered with the time consuming uncertainty of the new processes, preferring to look for existing lease titles instead, and most ni-Vans, especially after the damage caused by Cyclone Pam, don’t have the money for this costly process, and are afraid they will not be able to afford to create a registered title over their land. Silip!

o Dia dobber, mi harem se I gat fulap faet from cucumber, carrot, banana mo natalai long Vila. Faet bitwin tufala mama I tekem ples two or three times in a week naowia. Mobile phone texting is often looked at by partners and all hell breaks lose when they find texts to other females or males. Hemia nao development. Silip!

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