Kavman blong Vanuatu tru lo Ministri blong Infrastrakja and Pablik Utiliti (MIPU) I kasem
Finanel Sapot ikam long Kavman blong Japan mo Japan Intanesanal Coperesen Agensi
(JICA) blong bildem gud bakeken mo restorem bakeken Teouma Bridge we Tropikol Cyclon Pam I bin damajem 2015.
Folem loa blong Environmental Proteksen mo Konsevesen [CAP 283], Projek I mas mekem wan Environmental Impack Assessmen (EIA) mo Sosol Impak Assessmen (SIA).
Hemia I from ol wok we bae I tekem ples taem oli pulum daon olfala bridge mo bildem
niufala wan bakeken we babae I moa bikwan bitim hemia we I stap naoia. Semtem tu
bae I gat sam wok bong mekem se ol riva bank blong Teouma klosap long Bridge bae oli
mekem I strong moa. Long ol wok ia tu bae I gat wan temporary rod we bae ol trak mo
pablik I ususm taem ol wok I stap gohed.
Olsem pat blong EIA mo SIA stadi ia CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. Olsem kampani we Kavman blong Japan I appruvum olgeta olsem designated design engineering
consultant bambae oli holem 2 (tu) Pablik Konsaltesen klosap long project eria. Stampa
tingting blong holem tufala Pablik Konsaltesen I blong storian long ol issiu long saed
blong environmen, sosol life blong pipol we I liv mo usum wota mo karem ol tinting
blong pablik raon ong Projekt eria.
From riso ia bambae Fas (1st) Miting I tekem ples lng nekis wik olsem ia:
Venue: Chief Andrew Kalpoilep’s Community Hall, Teouma Bridge Area, Efate
On: Wednesday 20 June 2018
Time: 9am to 12 midday
Kavman tru long Ofis bong Pablik Woks Dipatmen I stap askem ol land owna blong ol
kraon klosap mo ol Komuniti Lida raon long Teouma Bridge blong kam long miting blong
sherem ol tingting mo view from wok blong niufala bridge ia.
Sapos eni man I gat eni kwestin abaot miting ia, pls kontaktem Albert Williams long
5351615 o 5624918

The Government of Vanuatu through the Ministry of Infrastructure and Public Utilities
(MIPU) is in receipt of development funding support from the Japan International Corporation Agency (JICA) for the restoration of Teouma Bridge after damage from the
2015 TC Pam event.
In accordance to the Environmental Protection and Conservation Act [CAP 283], the
Project is required to conduct an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA). This is due
to the magnitude of expected works, which will include the demolition of the existing
bridge, the construction of a permanent replacement bridge, as well as river embankment stabilization works and temporary detour road.
As part of the EIA, CTI Engineering International Co., Ltd. who are the designated design
engineering consultant by the Government of Japan; will be undertaking at least two
public consultation meetings. These public consultation meetings are intended to identify and receive public comments on the proposed project.
The first public meeting will be taking place at:
Venue: Chief Andrew Kalpoilep’s Community Hall, Teouma Bridge Area, Efate
On: Wednesday 20 June 2018
Time: 9am to 12 midday
All community members, landowners or members of the public are invited to attend
the meeting to hear about how the project might affect them and have their concerns
and views recorded.


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