An expression of interest is being sought out for the positions of Board I Kat wan ekspresen blong interest blong finem aot posisens blong bod
Directors for the soon to be established Vanuatu Tourism Industry daerektas blong wan Vanuatu Tourism Industry Association (VTIA) we bae
hemi set ap ino long taem.
VTIA ia bae hemi bigfala bodi we I kaveremap every tourism industry
The VTIA will be the peak tourism industry advocacy organisation in Vanuatu association long Vanuatu stat long olgeta smol bungalows kasem olgeta
and represent the voice of tourism from the smallest bungalow operators bigfala hotels mo resorts.
to the largest resort.
Follem stampa tintink blong “Wan Vois” yumi wantem se VTIA hemi represtem
tinktink mo lukluk blong yumi long sekta mo save lobby strong long
Under our ethos of ‘One Voice” we aim to represent the views and olgeta
wanem we yumi wantem long Kavman mo olgeta narafala atoritis.
aspirations of our industry and be an effective lobbying and advocacy
organisation for the tourism sector.
Niufala Bod Daerektas ia…
Our new board directors….

VTIA istap luk aotem olgeta turisim opereta we oli interest mo wantem kam
involve long niufala orkanaesesen ia.

The Organisation is looking for tourism owners who would express and
interest to be involved to be part of this new exciting organisation.

Sapos yu stap long Torba or long Tafea or long wan narafala provens mifala
istap wantem blong askem yu blong yu kam. Olgeta interested man mo
woman imas wan stekholter long turist mo mas kat plante ekperiens mo
Whether you are in Torba or Tafea Province or anywhere in between we gudfala andastanding long wok blong Kavman mo olsem wanem depatmen
are seeking you out. You will need to be a tourism stakeholder and have blong castoms hemi wok.
experience in understanding governmental and custom processes.
Olgeta posisens ia hemi no kat pei long hem mo hemi blong tu yia nomo
kasem taem we yumi setem ap wan stret wan long wan prapa eleksen. Taem
These transition board positions will be voluntary and will serve for a period we I kat miting bae mifala I pem pases blong yu mo kivim smol alaoens long
of 2 years before being eligible for re-election. Travel assistance to and taem blong miting.
from meetings will be negotiated.
Orkenaesesen ia ia hemi stap luk aotem wan akaontan volentia mo wan
The organisation is also looking for one Honorary Accountant and One loea volentia
Honorary Solicitor to be appointed to the Board.
Sapos we yu interest plis sendem wan sot histri long wok blong yu olsem wan
bisinis man long turist mo wea ples we turist busnis blong yu stap long hem.
To express an interest please email a short bio on yourself and indicating
your involvement in the tourism industry and your location.
Bae olgeta infomesen ia yu save sendem ikam long
This can be sent to: For more information please
contact: Bryan Death 5577034

Mo sapos yu wantem moa infomesen iet, bae yu save kontaktem:
Bryan Death 5577034

Tourism is too important to Vanuatu not to have one voice.

From se Turisim hemi impoten tumas long Vanuatu, yumi mas kat wan Vois


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