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An online follower lambasted the government recently as a ‘bunch of paper shufflers’ because of a perceived mishandling of one of the projects under the auspices of the Vanuatu Project Managem…

The free education policy is a genuine national goal which should be supported by both the Government and Opposition, but not to be argued over for political gains.

Minister of Climate Change, Ham Lini opened a two-day Climate Change Workshop at Angoro, north Pentecost, on February 19 - one among many activities leading up to the commemoration of Lini Day…

Vanuatu Sports

Vanuatu club champions, Nalkutan FC, are now in Tanna receiving a heroes' welcome for their table topping performance at the Pool B Group stage of the 2018 Oceania Champions League.

Erakor Village is home base for OFC Champions League participants Erakor Golden Star and a place where football runs in the blood.


The Vanuatu Tourism Office is pleased to announce the 2017/2018 Bred Bank Vanuatu Tourism Awards for Excellence. The date of the Awards has been set for Saturday 23rd June 2018.