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Ambaens who have decided to remain on their motherland despite the volcanic emissions, may indirectly risk threatening the average life expectancy of the country, not to mention their own.

Northern Ward councillor Peter Yamak, who acted on behalf of the Lord Mayor, Albert Sandy Daniel and his Deputy, Eric Festa when they were away in New Caledonia on a 5-day business visit has b…

“We the chiefs of Ambae agree that if the Government wants to relocate our people elsewhere, it has to be to Santo because it is the biggest island in the country and we would call the place ‘…

Vanuatu Sports

Tupuji Imere bambae oli staon long Tasde tumoro blong tokbaot going blong star pleia blong olgeta, Azariah Soromon, we naoia hemi travel aot long wik ia blong go plei long Wairarapa wetem foma…

Hed Koj blong Vanuatu Boxing tim, Joe Iau, we oli go tekem pat long Commonwealth Games long Gold Coast, Australia, i kam blong resem wan poen blong hem abaot fasiliti blong trening.


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